"In jazz we play all the notes"
                             – Dr. John Rebennack from 2013 movie, Inside Llewyn Davis

      A wide variety of jazz music here covering the entire history of jazz from Ragtime all the way to Avant-garde and Fusion.
      Each section presents jazz of different styles and from different periods. Undoubtedly, some jazz aficionados will disagree with my organization of entries here or more likely with my placing of certain jazz pieces under the wrong jazz style. Should you not agree with any of my classifications all you have to do is contact me and I’ll make the necessary changes.
      Mainstream jazz, Dixieland and Swing and Smooth, are weakly represented here with all told around 21 entries plus the 6 different versions of Cavernism by Earl Hines. Bebop marks the divide and the transition to Modern, Free, and Avant-garde jazz. From Bebop onward there are many entries.
      The great majority of jazz pieces were not inspired by real caves. Jazz clubs and venues in cities around the world are often located in cellars, presumably to appease the neighbors. These cellar clubs frequently are given names like “cave,” “cavern,” or “grotto.” Thus jazz musicians with a special preference or appreciation for a specific “cave” club would dedicate a composition in its honor.
      If you have any doubts as to the veracity of the close association of jazz with caves down through the years, checkout Al “Jazzbo” Collins, probably one of the greatest jazz disc jockeys of all time, and his famous Purple Grotto in New York. Go to Modern Jazz and the four entries for Purple Grotto.

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Presentation of Entries

      Jazz music has been divided into two major headings - Mainstream and Modern. Under these headings will be found subsections using the currently established labels for the different styles of jazz.
      The list of abbreviations used for each entry will be found in the “Abbreviations” tab on the bottom left.