No bat costumes or people and mythical creatures with bat wings (devils and dragons) will be considered here. Only what was obviously intended to depict an actual bat or bat-like flying mammal will be included.
      Unfortunately but predictably, many bat picture covers portray the bat as an ugly horror monster ready to attack. This is especially the case with gothic, punk, and heavy metal rock releases where the bat is labeled a "Bloodsucker" or is depicted with a mouth full of extra long teeth. Nothing could be further from the truth. Bats are very beneficial for mankind.
      The bat image in one form or another has for many years become associated with hard rock music bands as a sort of symbol of all that is hard core and horrifying to the average listener. Many heavy metal groups use the wings in the shape of bat’s wings tacked onto a human or monster form as their logo or on their album covers. Only the cover art that essentially retains the image of the mammal has been included here.
      These bat picture covers have been separated into those clearly showing real bats, insectivorous and fruit bats, and those showing only stylized bats. Within each section the bat covers have been grouped by continent according to the countries where the discs were released. For most of the real bat covers, with the exception of the fruit bat covers, the bats shown actually live on the continent where they are listed.
      All the record covers that only show very small bats flying in the distant night sky will not be considered here; only those covers where bats figure prominently in the design are presented.
      Under stylized bats from Europe, in particular, Spain, a separate page was set aside for all the Techno Valencia LP and CD releases.
      All bat picture discs will be treated separately, but they will also be presented together with the bat covers that accompany them.
      There are several very unusual vinyl records shaped in the form of stylized bats.
      Many of the records, LPs, 45s, or CDs, listed here do not contain any cave or bat inspired music.

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Presentation of Entries

      The real bat covers and stylized bat covers have been grouped separately. And each entry for those two sections was given a code number – starting with “PC” meaning picture cover followed by the code. For the real bat covers the code is "BTR" followed by an abbreviated code for each continent, eg. "ER" for Europe, "AM" for the Americas, etc. For the stylized bat covers the code is "BTS" followed by an abbreviated code for each continent where that particular bat cover was released.
      The list of abbreviations used for each entry will be found in the “Abbreviations” tab on the bottom left.