The aesthetic pleasure of beautiful album covers is one of the great attractions in record buying. Those old LP covers could be eye-stoppers; painted, illustrated, and designed by great artists, they swept you off your feet and demanded that you buy the album. Slightly over a foot (31cm) square an LP album took on the importance of a coffee table picture book. Often reproducing famous paintings or great illustrations some were worthy of being framed and hung on the wall. With the coming of CDs and their much-reduced size this quality has been lost.
      As all these covers depict fictitious caves, it was decided to organize them in the same way as adult and children’s cave fiction, that is, by category of fiction: Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction, etc. Covers of fine arts paintings were given a separate section and the famous classics of cave fiction were grouped according to titles or author. Three special sections were established for various Classic Tales, Children’s Tales, and Stylized Cave Covers.
       Pictures were on the front and back covers of the record jacket and sometimes on the record sleeve inside the cover. The record formats range from 78rpm boxed sets to 33rpm LP albums to 45rpm EPs (extended play) and on to CDs. A gatefold LP can have a booklet stapled inside and most CDs have a booklet inside the cover of the jewel case. A vinyl record or a CD can have a picture embossed or printed right on the disc itself.
       Many of the records, LPs, 45s, or CDs, listed here do not contain any cave or bat-inspired music. For instance, none of the albums pictured above have any cave or bat-inspired music. This is a purely visual section pour le plaisir des yeux [to grace the eyes].

Presentation of Entries

      Each section has been listed alphabetically. And each entry for that section was given a code number – starting with “PC” meaning picture cover followed by the section code.
      The list of abbreviations used for each entry will be found in the “Abbreviations” tab on the bottom left.